Webinar: Solutions for analysis in food and beverages – Save time by using IC
22/10/2020 16:00 - 22/10/2020 17:00

Save the date: 22 October 2020

Webinar IC food and beverages

Have you been wondering if there is a faster and more cost-effective alternative to HPLC when it comes to the analysis of food and beverage samples?

For food and beverage analysis, HPLC is a known and established analysis technique, whereas ion chromatography (IC) is typically known for ion analysis in water samples.

But is this classification correct? Which analyses can be done with ion chromatography for food and beverage samples? What are the benefits of working with Metrohm IC? And what other Metrohm instrumentation is available for food and beverage analysis?

This webinar will answer these questions and provide insights into how to optimize your IC analysis. 

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  • The differences between HPLC and IC
  • How you can save time with IC
  • How IC and other Metrohm instruments can be used for food and beverage analysis

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