Titration Workshop
15/05/2018 09:00 - 15/05/2018 17:00

Lab worker with titrando
Who should attend?

Users of stand-alone titration instruments that are keypad or touch controlled.  Delegates new to using potentiometric titrators or those who use the instrument routinely and would like to develop their knowledge and skills.  Users of Titrino (with keypad), Titrino Plus, Titrando (with touch control) and Ti-Touch.

Content Overview:

Potentiometric titration
  • Basic theory and definition of titration
  • The principle of manual and automated titration
  • Explanation of the different modes of titration: dynamic, monotonic, endpoint
Method development
  • Description of the method parameters
  • Optimisation of the titration method for best accuracy and reproducibility
  • Calculation of results
  • Construction of the calculation formula
  • Report generation
Maintenance & Care
  • Basic electrode theory and calibration
  • General instrument maintenance
  • Troubleshooting plus application questions
Practical workshop / demonstration
  • Electrode and burette maintenance workshop
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15th May 2018 - Metrohm UK, Cheshire