Complete Ion Chromatography Workshop
09/10/2019 09:30 - 10/10/2019 16:30 (Cheshire)

Users of intelligent Metrohm ion chromatography (IC) instruments with MagIC Net controlling software.

This complete course will enable current and new users of Metrohm IC systems to further develop their knowledge and skills further to include elements of method development.

This 2 day course will be held at Metrohm UK, Cheshire.


9th – 10th October 2019

Day 1:

  • IC Theory Basics distinguishes the differences between ion chromatography and other liquid chromatography techniques before covering concepts of separation, suppression and detection
  • Benefits of STREAM operation of Metrohm Suppressor Module (MSM) that provides a simplified and robust alternative to the classic regeneration setup of suppressor
  • IC Chemicals - Best Practice will give hints to ensure top modus operandi of the IC and avoiding some of the pitfalls that poor laboratory practice inevitably leads to
  • MagIC Net Introduction outlines the basic structure of MagIC Net controlling software

Practical IC session:

  • IC Start up checks recommended daily inspection of the ion chromatography system prior to analysis
  • Method Editing (Basics) how to change simple parameters and system settings that run the chosen application
  • Reprocessing retrospectively changing an element of previously run data stored in the MagIC Net database
  • Troubleshooting an IC flow path to empower the user with confidence and ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum

Day 2:


  • Columns and Method Optimisation  will define some of the features of a separation column before covering how to influence the different parameters that can alter retention time characteristics
  • MagIC Net in-depth focus looking at the workplace as the platform for day to day operation, method and the conditions under which the application is run and finally configuration where GLP, user administration and security settings are activated
  • Ion Chromatography Maintenance which will discuss general good laboratory practice recommended by Metrohm for trouble-free operation, a look at the hardware and associated consumables before covering care of your analytical separation column

Advanced practical session:

  • Method Development understand how to create a manual method and then extend the scope of this to include automation with a sample processor
  • Database including reprocessing and a detailed look at changing previously run data, which calibration format to apply and how to back-up
  • Report Creation what options are available and what can be customised

A Metrohm ion chromatograph will be running throughout the day and there will be an open session for any specific application requests or individual problems at the end of the day. 

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