Core Training in Ion Chromatography
11/03/2020 09:00 - 08/10/2020 17:00 (Cheshire)

Core training for ion chromatography is a comprehensive two day course that will cover flow paths, functionality of an IC system, MagIC Net operation, recommended maintenance and how to influence the separation through development of existing methods. Attend one or both days.

Who should attend?

Day one is ideal for those operators looking for a good grounding in Metrohm ion chromatography and MagIC Net. Day two goes into more detail for those who require a deeper understanding such as instrument specialists and method developers.

What skills will you leave with?

A fundamental understanding of Metrohm IC, how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot common issues as well as the ability to start to develop new methodologies.
Day One: Basic IC Theory and Operation

• Theory: separation, suppression and detection techniques
• Best Practice: water and reagent quality, system back pressure 
• System Operation: Purging IC pump, flow path exercises
• MagIC Net: Structure and simple reprocessing

Day Two: Application and Method Development

• Method Optimisation: separation column features, influence retention times
• Maintenance: Pump head, consumables, system wellbeing
• MagIC Net: Database structure, monitoring, backup, data export, method features

A Metrohm IC will be present and over the two days the majority of the training will be practical based, with trainers Jonathan Bruce and Stuart Morison, who between them have more than 30 years’ experience of ion chromatography.

Core training for Ion Chromatography Workshops will be held at Metrohm UK, Cheshire:

Day 1: 11th March & Day 2: 12th March 2020
Day 1: 7th October & Day 2: 8th October 2020

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