10. Deutsches Biosensor Symposium
20.03.2017 09:00 - 23.03.2017 18:00 (Potsdam, Deutschland)

      DBS EBS 2017                                       
Young researchers at the beginning of their career are invited to present their most recent results from the front end of research. Seniors will give introductions on special advanced aspects of biosensor research and technology. Some keynotes will present high end research and show the directions of current trends. Selected presentations on applications and industrial success will round up the comprehensive picture of the state of biosensor r&d in Europe.

Biosensors Symposium is a bi-annual event, first held 1999 in Munich. After 2001 in Potsdam it was held in several locations, the hot spots of Biosensor research in Germany.

The Symposium not only draws attention to young scientists to make their first steps in their academic career but also attract seniors and companies to learn about the most recent trends, but also to see who are the drivers of the development.

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