Swiss Corrosion Science Day 2021
26.04.2021 10:00 - 26.04.2021 16:00 (Zofingen, Switzerland)

The Swiss Corrosion Network ties together partners from private and public institutions with the common interest in corrosion by promo­ting corrosion research and education and encouraging collaboration, knowledge exchange and synergies between academic and industrial actors. A particular goal is to support and promote young scientists and corrosion engineers.

Our members bring together expertise in corrosion science and technology from a broad range of sectors including civil engineering and construction, surface and interface engineering, biomedical devices, nuclear engineering and radioactive waste storage, geothermal energy, micro component and additive manufacturing as well as cultural heritage preservation.

On the 24th April each year, Corrosion Awareness Day highlights the socio-economical  challenges associated with corrosion worldwide.

Metrohm Switzerland and the Swiss Corrosion Network would like to celebrate this event for the first time this year. We aim to bring various corrosion groups in Switzerland together as a national community for presentation, knowledge exchange, interaction and networking session.    

Therefore, we cordially invite all scientists and engineers from industry and academia who are interested and/or confronted with corrosion related issues in Switzerland to join us at our premises in Zofingen on the 26 April 2021.

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10:00   Welcome and introduction
Dr Teressa Nathan Walleser, Product Manager Electrochemistry, Metrohm Switzerland
10.15 Crevice corrosion in hip joint taper junctions: might or reality?
Presented by Dr Anna Igual-Munoz, EPFL Lausanne
10:45 Internal corrosion in steel water pipes: revisiting a solved problem
Presented by Dr Markus Büchler, SGK
11:15 Corrosion of additively manufactured steel components: electrochemical characterization and microstructure of point-by-point wire and arc additive manufacturing bars
Presented by Mr Lucas Michel, ETH Zurich
13:15 MiCorr: A user-friendly platform to help diagnose corrosion of metals
Presented by Dr Christian Degrigny, HES-SO Neuchâtel
13:45 Replacement of hexavalent chrome in the passivation of copper surfaces
Presented by Dr Leonel Ferreiraa, CERN Geneva
14:15 Local electrochemical characterization of light metal degradation
Presented by Dr Noémie Ott, EMPA Dübendorf
15:15 Meeting Swiss Corrosion Network
(open only to Swiss Corrosion Network member representaties, separate invitation)
Dr Patrik Schmutz and Dr Ueli Angst

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