Analýza potravin a nápojů

Today’s food and beverages (F&B) are much more than just simple "organic fuels" needed for survival. Beyond their nutritive value, they are consumed for their taste or flavor. Increasingly, they are also a source for maintaining health and enhancing our well-being via high-quality nutrition. At the same time, with an ever-increasing number of processed foods, food quality and safety aspects are becoming more important. All the more because foods are highly complex materials – prone to degradation and contamination – that contain myriads of compounds.

Analytical chemistry makes sure that consumers obtain safe and sanitary food in compliance with regulatory requirements. Nutrient information, food traceability, and protection against fraud are further challenges. From the process point of view, analytical chemistry supports the manufacturer to improve yields and optimize quality by offering robust, efficient, and sensitive instrumentation. Whatever your concern is, Metrohm is the right partner.

Beverages and drinking water

Although it contributes no calories to our diet, water is the most important life-sustaining resource for most organisms. It is the main constituent of beverages and it can be found in almost all foods. If somebody knows how to analyze water and beverages it’s Metrohm; more than 270 applications are testimony to this expertise.

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Milk and dairy products

Milk contains nearly all nutrients necessary to survive: fat, high-quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It is our first food and as a raw material offers incredible refinement possibilities. Dairy products are probably the most diverse of all food groups. Because of the protein and fat matrix, milk and dairy samples require sample preparation. Metrohm instruments were developed in response to these tedious and error-prone sample preparation tasks. Our instruments are fast, accurate, and economical.

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Edible fats and oils

Fats and oils are a principal part of our nutrition and serve a lot of functions, from adding flavor and texture to emulsifying and acting as a heat transfer medium. For determining the nutritional value of fat- and oil-containing foods (margarine, mayonnaise, noodles, nuts, etc.), the determination of fat parameters (e.g., iodine, peroxide and acid value) as well as the ion and water content is crucial. Since fats and oils are prone to deterioration, the determination of the oxidation stability is a must. These analyses are part of Metrohm’s core competence.

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