Power Pack Heavy Metals (Automated)

    Power Pack Heavy Metals (Automated)
Katalogové číslo: 2.797.3110

The ideal solution for the completely automated determination of the concentration of the critical heavy metals in all types of water-vapor circulation in thermal power generating stations by means of voltammetry in small sample series. The 797 VA Computrace in combination with the 863 Compact VA Autosampler permits the automatic processing of up to 18 samples. The addition of auxiliary and standard solutions for calibration is accomplished with the aid of three dosing systems of the 800 Dosino type. An 843 Pump Station ensures carry-over-free analysis results, thanks to which the measuring vessel is rinsed after each sample. The system is the optimum solution for water samples in which one or two analytes are to be determined.

Our promotion offer for orders placed by June 30, 2014: During the promotion period, Metrohm will give you an 800 Dosino for free, which makes the addition of auxiliary or standard solutions even more flexible, as well as an 827 pH Lab for measuring the pH value in your sample or for setting the pH value of the measurement solution as needed.

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