746 VA Trace Analyzer with integrated printer

Katalogové číslo: 2.746.0020
The 746 VA Trace Analyzer is the compact controller for the 747 VA Stand and the 695 VA Autosampler.
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Dimensions in mm (W/H/D) 400/205/508

  • Integrated splash-proof keyboard and graphical backlit LCD screen.
  • With integrated thermal printer.
  • Including application binder, method data card, and PC software VA Backup.
  • Operation Sequence for comfortable and flexible method editing.
  • Data card with 2 MB data storage capacity.
  • Available measuring techniques: DC, DP, SqW (Barker), AC1, AC2, CV, and PSA.
  • Remote lines for controlling external peripherical devices.
  • 2 serial ports RS 232C for connection of peripherical devices and PC.
  • Data evaluation: peak height, peak area.
  • Baseline types: linear (entire peak, front half, rear half), polynomial, exponential, double peak evaluation.
  • Concentration evaluation: standard addition, calibration curve (linear or non-linear regression).
  • Option: Data archiving software VA Database 2 with database functions and report generator