Preparation of the measuring vessel

Oxidation Stability - Measuring Vessel
  • Pour the measuring solution into the measuring vessel (6.1428.030, 6.1428.100) and attach the measuring vessel cover with integrated conductivity measuring cell (6.0913.130).
  • Deionized water is used as the measuring solution. Ultrapure water is not required. The conductivity at the start of the measurement should not exceed 20 µS/cm.
  • When mounting the PTFE cannula (6.1819.080 + 6.1808.050) in the measuring vessel cover, you must ensure that the air is not fed onto the conductivity measuring cell during the later measurement. If gas bubbles are released onto the electrode, then the measurement curves will be noisy.


  • Does the volume of the measuring solution play a role when determining the induction time?

  • Do I need to determine the cell constant of my conductivity measuring cell?

  • How do I know when something is wrong with my conductivity measuring cell?

  • Does the position of the PTFE tubing in the measuring vessel play a role?