KF Titration – Sample processing

The type of sample addition depends on the consistency of the sample.

In the videos you can see suggestions on how to add liquid, viscous, and solid samples to the Karl Fischer cell.

Video tutorials

Liquid sample    


Viscous sample


Solid sample


  • Co dělat, když je drift příliš vysoký?

  • How much sample to weigh in?

  • What to do to improve the release of water?

  • The titration does not finish. What could be the cause?

  • How to recognize a side reaction?

  • How to prevent side reactions?

  • Overtitration took place, i.e., the titrated solution is dark yellow to brown instead of light yellow. How to prevent this?

  • The volumetric Karl Fischer titration is very slow

  • Poor reproducibility of the results

  • Why are the values found too high?

  • Why are the values found too low?

  • How often is the KF working medium to be changed?