FAQs – Karl Fischer Titration

In the list of frequently asked questions you will find information pertaining to all areas of volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration.


  • What to do if the pump is not working correctly?

  • Jak často by měla být měněna molekulová síta?

  • Jak regenerovat molekulová síta?

  • When are the septum and the O-rings/PTFE sleeves to be changed?

  • What are the order numbers for the consumables?

  • How to service the Dosing and the Exchange Unit? (for volumetric KF titration)

  • How often is the Dosing/Exchange Unit to be prepared (Preparing/«Prep» function)? (for volumetric KF titration)

  • What measures are recommended when the volumetric Karl Fischer titrator will not be used or has not been used for a prolonged period?

  • Which resolution should my balance have?

  • How to clean the indicator electrode?

Titer determination

  • Jak často by měl být stanovován titr?

  • How to carry out the titer determination?

  • Zvyšování hodnot během stanovení titru pomocí vinanu sodného dihydrátu

  • Špatná reprodukovatelnost stanovení titru při použití vinanu sodného dyhydrátu

  • Jaké jsou správné navážky pro stanovení titru?

  • Špatná reprodukovatelnost při stanovení titru pomocí vody

Sample handling

  • Co dělat, když je drift příliš vysoký?

  • How much sample to weigh in?

  • What to do to improve the release of water?

  • The titration does not finish. What could be the cause?

  • How to recognize a side reaction?

  • How to prevent side reactions?

  • Overtitration took place, i.e., the titrated solution is dark yellow to brown instead of light yellow. How to prevent this?

  • How often is the KF working medium to be changed?

  • The volumetric Karl Fischer titration is very slow

  • Poor reproducibility of the results

  • Why are the values found too high?

  • Why are the values found too low?


  • Which reagents are used for KF titration?

  • Where to buy KF reagents?


  • How to validate my KF titrator?

  • How often should my KF titrator be validated?