Water in fuel gas – 875 KF Gas Analyzer for fully automated determination by coulometric Karl Fischer titration
24. 2. 2015

Water is an unwanted contaminant in any kind of fuel gas as it lowers the calorific value and promotes corrosion. Hence, monitoring the water content is most critical, from the drying process of natural gas to any other point downstream. A proven solution to this challenge is the 875 KF Gas Analyzer combining precise sampling with the accuracy of coulometric Karl Fischer titration in a fully integrated, software controlled analyzer.

There are many techniques available for the determination of low quantities of water. However, water in gas is a particular challenge: Residual scavenging solvents used in the purification process may interfere with competing methods such as dew point measurement, making coulometric Karl Fischer titration the only viable reference method to determine the true water content.

The 875 KF Gas Analyzer is controlled by tiamo, the leading control and database software for titration. The analyzer module consists of a robust sampling system with a mass flow controller at its heart. Moreover, the system is equipped with an integral evaporator for liquefied gases, an inlet filter to separate out particles, and an oil filter. The titration vessel with indicator and generator electrode (with diaphragm), and an 851 Titrando coulometer are also included in the module. Safety is provided by the strict separation of the gas-carrying system and the electronic area.

Application Notes / Bulletins for the determination of the water content in the following matrices are available: