tiamo 2.5 - přední světový titrační software se stává ještě silnější
14. 10. 2015

Metrohm is pleased to launch tiamo 2.5, the latest version of the world’s leading titration software. New features make tiamo even more convenient to use and increase the software’s capabilities. tiamo 2.5 is compatible with Windows 10 and comes with the following new features (overview):

  • With tiamo 2.5, the 888 Titrando enables users to perform also Karl Fischer titrations.
  • Metrohm Optrode: With tiamo 2.5 users of Metrohm’s photometric sensor may now set the wavelength as a dedicated parameter in the software with a single mouse click.
  • With tiamo 2.5 users can leave the electrode to be used unspecified when setting up a method. Instead, tiamo 2.5 asks the user which electrode to use after the method has been started. This results in greater flexibility for the user to select an appropriate electrode, especially when using validated methods.
  • A new template in the report generator enables users to create a report of all sample data very conveniently.

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