Upcoming Symposium "New Electrochemical Analytical Methods and Trends in Energy Conversion and Storage – NEAMTECS 2015"
2. 10. 2014

Metrohm is highly pleased to invite professionals to a 3-day symposium focusing on analytical challenges and solutions for electrochemical testing of batteries, fuel cells, and photoelectric substrates.

The symposium will be hosted by the Metrohm Academy in Herisau, Switzerland, and will take place from October 21 through 23, 2015. Click here for more details.

Invited guest speakers include experts from Metrohm, Metrohm Applikon, and Metrohm Autolab as well as professionals from academic research and private companies.

Participation will benefit anyone, who would like to learn:

  • about new electrochemical testing methods – think out of the box!
  • how to determine device (solar cell to super capacitor) performance by potentiostats and galvanostats
  • how to maintain the longevity of your membranes and electrodes in fuel cells and batteries
  • how to improve and monitor the development process and quality by advanced electrochemical methods
  • how to determine and quantify Cr(VI), Fe(II ), Fe(III), As, Mg, Li, Na, Pb, Cd, Se, In, Cu, S and other ionic species in hydrous and organic matrices
  • how to observe and measure oxidation and reduction processeshow to monitor electrolyte composition in situ with spectroscopic methods
  • how to characterize and quantify electrolytes and ionic liquids by coupled chromatographic methods
  • what requirements and regulation for energy storage and conversion are coming soon
  • what future lies beyond – recent results from biofuel cell to organic solar cells research
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