ADI 2045TI procesní analyzátor umožňuje kontrolu kvality kaprolaktamu v režimu 24/7
23. 7. 2014

Caprolactam is the base material for the production of polyamide 6. The purity of caprolactam is tested according to norms like ISO 8660.

Metrohm Applikon’s ADI 2045TI Process Analyzer enables straighforward 24/7 monitoring of the product quality according to the ISO norm.

More information is available in the Process Application Note AN-PAN-1011. 
One of the quality tests for caprolactam is the PAN analysis and is described in ISO 8660. The permanganate absorption number (PAN) defines the stability of a caprolactam sample to potassium permanganate and is a measure of the purity of the caprolactam in relation to the presence of oxidizable impurities, e.g. unsaturated caprolactams.

The ADI 2045TI Process Analyzer meets all the process criteria and is suitable to determine the impurities in caprolactam 24/7 using precise time and temperature controlled colorimetric measurement.

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