Измерване на Стабилност

It is virtually impossible to assess a sample’s aging behavior from its condition at a single point in time.

That’s why Metrohm offers you stability measuring instruments that allow you to perform automated accelerated aging tests for natural oils and fats, fat-containing foods and cosmetics, biodiesel, and chlorine-containing polymers such as PVC. During these tests, the decay reactions that take place in the samples – i.e., their decomposition by oxidation or thermal degradation – are reproduced at elevated temperatures and thus drastically increased speeds.

The induction time, also known as oxidation stability index (OSI), is measured – or, in the case of polymers, the stability time. Below you can see Metrohm’s dedicated instruments for the above-mentioned sample types. All of these systems are compliant with national and international standards for stability measurement.

  • Rancimat

    Налични версии на продукта Rancimat

    The 892 Professional Rancimat measures the oxidation stability of natural oils and fats. It is also suited to test fat-containing foods and cosmetics.

    • Suitable for product quality control and for research
    • Compliant with standards including AOCS Cd 12b-92 and ISO 6886
  • Biodiesel Rancimat

    Налични версии на продукта Biodiesel Rancimat for oxidation stability measurement of biodiesel and biodiesel blends

    The 893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat determines the oxidation stability of biodiesel and biodiesel blends.

    • Suitable for biodiesel oxidation stability testing as required by law and for research
    • Resistant materials that withstand the aggressive samples
    • Compliant with standards EN 14112, EN 15751, and EN 16568
  • PVC Thermomat

    Налични версии на продукта Professional PVC Thermomat for thermostability measurement in PVC

    The 895 Professional PVC Thermomat determines the thermostability of polyvinylchloride (PVC) and other chlorine-containing polymers. It can be used for quality control in all stages of processing and to evaluate stabilizers.

    • Suitable for product quality control and for research
    • Based on ISO 182, Part 3

StabNet software

Easy-to-use stability measurement software for instrument control, data acquisition, result calculation, and data management.

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PTT Chemical Public Company Ltd., Thailand

"We have been using Metrohm instruments for 20 years. […] Metrohm instruments are very good in terms of reliability and precision. Moreover, Metrohm supports us with good after-sales service."

Nakul Ketkeaw, vice
president of the Laboratory Service Center of PTT Chemical Public Company Ltd., Thailand