Karl Fischer Титруване

Metrohm и Karl Fischer титруване: дълга история на успеха

Поглеждайки назад към половин век опит в Karl Fischer титруването, Metrohm е оформила днешната представа за кулометричен и обемен анализ на вода.

С новаторски иновации и сериозен ангажимент за качество и прецизност, ние сме разработили набор от инструменти за да покрием всички нужди в областта на титриметричното определяне на вода. От следови нива до високо водно съдържание, от пробоподготовка до автоматизация, нашите системи ще осигурят подходящо решение.


    OMNIS Karl Fischer titrator for volumetric water content determination

    Safer, faster, easier: The all-new OMNIS KF Karl Fischer titrator for volumetric water content determination offers a whole new level of performance:

    • Safer handling of reagents in a closed system
    • Easier titration thanks to automatic titration start
    • Faster analysis through automated procedures
  • KF Titrando

    Налични версии на продукта KF Titrando titrator for water determination

    High-end volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrators to determine any water content from 0.001 to 100%. Thanks to optional software control, these titrators afford you unmatched flexibility.

    • Determination of any water content
    • Extensive automation and sample preparation options
    • Full traceability and compliance (GLP, GMP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11) thanks to tiamo software
  • KF Ti-Touch

    Налични версии на продукта 916 KF Ti-Touch titrator for water determination

    Compact, stand-alone volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer titrator with integrated touch-screen control unit for routine applications.

    • Space-saving instrument
    • Increased safety through pumps for automatic reagent exchange
    • Automation and sample preparation options
    • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • KF Titrino plus

    Налични версии на продукта KF Titrino plus for water determination

    Volumetric titrator for high water contents and coulometer for low water contents for basic applications. These robust instruments offer excellent value for money.

    • Small footprint
    • Battery-powered coulometer for mobile analyses
  • Titrino Кулометър

    Налични версии на продукта Titrino Coulometer for coulometric water determination

    Dependable coulometer for the determination of low amounts of water (0.001 to 1%).

    • Automatic reagent exchange at the push of a button
    • Standard and expert mode for straightforward operation
  • Газ Анализатор

    Налични версии на продукта 875 KF Gas Analyzer

    Metrohm’s all-inclusive system for water determination in liquefied and permanent gases. This robust analyzer measures trace levels of water in a variety of gases (propane, propene, LPG, butane, refrigerants, etc.).

    • Fully automated analysis with software control
    • Built-in filters for solid matter and oil residues
    • Predefined analytical methods

KF Електроди

Metrohm предлага подходящи индикаторен и генераторен електроди за Karl Fischer титратори.

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