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Webinars Karl Fischer titration, potentiometric titration, ion chromatography, electrodes, NIRS

Application examples, practical information on handling, care, and troubleshooting, and more – Our webinars provide very useful information dealing with various techniques and industries.

This page is an archive of the webinars we have held in the past years. You can watch the recorded webinars free of charge.

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Sample prepara-tion in IC

Register for this webinar and learn how you can eliminate problems caused by matrix components in your sample thanks to inline sample preparation techniques.
The webinar takes place on October 25th, from 2 to 3 pm (CEST).

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Water determi-nation with NIRS

Register for this webinar on 8 November (2–3 pm, CET) and learn about the benefits of near-infrared spectroscopy in conjunction with Karl Fischer titration for fast and robust water determination in personal care products and cosmetics. 

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KF titration: Fundamentals

Learn more about KF titration and the oven technique, the choice of a suitable reagent, and the difference between volumetric and coulometric titration.
Length: 52 mins

KF titration: Troubleshooting

Get helpful tips and tricks on troubleshooting in Karl Fischer titration: stabilizing the drift values, cleaning and storing KF electrodes, sample preparation, and more.
Length: 59 mins

Titration: Fundamentals

Watch this webinar to learn about titration methods, titer determination, and sample preparation.
Length: 43 mins

Titration: Troubleshooting

This webinar will provide tips and tricks on troubleshooting in titration.
Length: 36 mins

Titration and NIRS

Titration and near-infrared spectroscopy in perfect synergy. Learn how you can monitor polymer production processes effectively.
Length: 1 hr

IC for multiple applications

This webinar hosted by Select Science together with Metrohm shows the possibilities of ion chromatography systems that are optimized for multiple applications.
Length: 1 hr 17 mins

Automatic calibration in IC

Learn in this webinar how automatic calibration in ion chromatography can help you save time and gain reliability.
Length: 44 mins

Glyphosate and AMPA analysis

Learn how you can determine glyphosate and its primary metabolite AMPA in drinking water by ion chromatography in a straightforward manner.
Length: 40 mins 

IC for food analysis

In this webinar hosted by Select Science you will learn about ion chromatography for the analysis of food products, e.g., dairy products, meat and fish, soft drinks, and baked goods. You need to register with Select Science to watch this webinar.

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NIRS in pharma processes

This webinar hosted by the European Pharmaceutical Review together with Metrohm deals with how to implement near-infrared spectroscopy in pharmaceutical processes.
Length: 1 hr

Optimized QC with NIRS

Learn more about reducing the cost of quality control using near-infrared spectroscopy. This webinar shows how Herbalife has implemented NIRS in their QC/QA workflows.
Length: 58 mins

NIRS in polymer production

Discover how NIRS can help you in the monitoring of polymer production. This webinar gives an introduction into the topic and provides some examples of applications in place at Cytec.
Length: 1 hr

Personal care products analysis

This webinar offers an overview of the possibilities of NIRS for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of personal care products, e.g., creams, hairspray, detergent ingredients, and soap, as implemented at Colgate Palmolive.
Length: 1 hr

NIRS: Moisture in dryers

This webinar hosted by the European Pharmaceutical review together with Metrohm shows how near-infrared spectroscopy can be used as a PAT tool in the real-time monitoring of the moisture content in different types of dryers.
Length: 1 hr

NIRS as a PAT tool

Learn how near-infrared spectroscopy can be used as a PAT tool from raw material identification to integrated process applications.
Length: 1 hr 4 mins

NIRS and titration

Titration and near-infrared spectroscopy in perfect synergy. Learn how you can monitor polymer production processes effectively.
Length: 1 hr

Measuring pH: Doing it right

This webinar presents the basics of pH measurements and offers insights into the electrode calibration, measuring, as well as care and maintenance procedures.
Length: 47 mins