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20.12.2012, 09:00
Ion chromatography: More efficiency in routine analysis after switching to Metrohm
29.11.2012, 10:31
Determination of molybdate in environmental water by ion chromatography
07.11.2012, 11:32
Ion chromatography: Metrohm publishes new Application Notes for the power industry
16.10.2012, 10:38
Combustion Ion Chromatography – automated determination of halogens and sulfur in solid and liquid samples
03.10.2012, 15:18
Metrohm publishes new brochure «Environmental analysis»
03.10.2012, 13:00
Determining oxidation stability of natural oils and fats – Metrohm publishes new application notes
28.09.2012, 08:41
Metrohm awards poster prizes at Electrochemistry 2012
25.09.2012, 09:06
Oxidation stability: 893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat with new StabNet software launched
25.09.2012, 08:37
Metrohm launches the 892 Professional Rancimat with new StabNet software
10.09.2012, 14:57
Metrohm publishes new brochure «Wastewater analysis in treatment plants»
04.09.2012, 13:47
TitrIC pro – multi-ion analysis by automated titration, direct measurement, and ion chromatography
04.09.2012, 07:47
VoltIC pro combines ion chromatography and voltammetry in a single, powerful system for trace ion analysis
21.06.2012, 10:04
New : Multi-Mode Electrode pro – the proven electrode for polarography now even better!
20.06.2012, 13:33
Free monographs: Metrohm puts essential know-how of practical wet-chemistry in a nutshell
14.06.2012, 15:49
New: Learning in the Metrohm Academy
13.06.2012, 10:55
Metrohm extends global IC promotion: all-in-one packages for professional water analysis available through December 31st, 2012!
11.06.2012, 08:15
Metrohm publishes new Application Notes (ANs) on cation analysis in drinking/tap water
08.06.2012, 13:11
Metrohm publishes new Application Notes (ANs) on anion analysis using conductivity detection with suppression
31.05.2012, 09:02
Metrohm publishes new Application Notes (ANs) on thermometric titration
14.05.2012, 07:56
Seminar: «Analytical challenges in power plants» November 7th - 9th, 2012
09.05.2012, 08:06
Free language update for Metrohm Ti-Touch and Touch Control!
26.04.2012, 09:14
Metrohm publishes new Application Notes (ANs) about photometric titration
25.04.2012, 10:56
Buy an 850 Professional IC and get EPOD (Eluent Preparation On Demand) for free!
12.04.2012, 10:31
Coulometry to go – 899 Coulometer determines water content wherever you want!
12.04.2012, 09:08
Optrode – new sensor for photometric titrations according to USP and Ph. Eur.
10.04.2012, 12:20
ALS laboratory in Hong Kong automates titrimetric analysis with Metrohm 855 Robotic Titrosampler
04.04.2012, 13:13
Permanganate index: fully automatic determination according to DIN EN ISO 8467 (DIN 38409-5)
29.03.2012, 13:49
Quality control in radiopharmaceutical production by ion chromatography
23.03.2012, 13:00
How much Metrohm is there in a smartphone? AT&S optimizes the coating of PCBs with analysis systems from Metrohm.
15.03.2012, 14:23
IC for the people – Metrohm celebrates 25 years of ion chromatography
29.02.2012, 16:50
Video manuals - how to install, operate, and maintain your Metrohm instrument
16.02.2012, 14:35
WesTrac Group uses Metrohm analyzers to check oils and lubricants in Caterpillar machinery
16.02.2012, 14:24
Monitoring air quality in the Pearl River Delta with MARGA system from Metrohm Applikon
16.02.2012, 08:22
Laboratory Equipment 4th Annual Readers' Choice Awards: Metrohm voted best instrument in three categories!
10.02.2012, 14:25
919 IC Autosampler plus – new, affordable Autosampler for ion chromatography
07.02.2012, 14:01
Big contract lab in Germany uses automated thermometric titration to determine TAN and TBN in oils and lubricants
09.01.2012, 11:28
Cost-effective water analysis with new ammonia electrode
06.01.2012, 10:33
New: 896 Professional Detector and 850 IC Amperometric Detector
05.01.2012, 10:29
Better handling: Metrohm Aquatrode plus now also with removable electrode cable