814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)

The new 912 Conductometer for routine use in the lab and on the go or the fully FDA compliant 856 Conductivity Module controlled by either Touch Control or tiamoTM software.


2.814.0020 814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)

USB Sample Processor with one workstation and two built-in membrane pumps for the automatic processing of routine samples in series with small to medium quantities. In addition to the built-in pumps, up to three dosing devices for Liquid Handling tasks can be connected.

Because of the multitude of application variants, rack, stirrer, titration head, Swing Head and sample vessels must be tailored to the application and ordered separately.


  • "Stand alone" with Touch Control or PC-controlled with the tiamo™ titration software, MagIC Net chromatography software or viva voltammetry software
  • Can be used for titration and IC applications
  • Enhanced mechanical precision of the motion sequences
  • Reliable, robust, dynamic, multi-functional
  • Space-saving through compact design
  • The simplest of programming
2.814.0020 814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)

Time savings and improved operating sequences

The advantages of a sample changer lie not only in the time savings for the laboratory personnel: Automatic systems control operating sequences, prevent errors and thus improve reproducibility and accuracy. Independent of the time of day, the system works through the prepared samples (automatic sample preparation, Liquid Handling or sample processing) and guarantees thereby the complete traceability of the individual steps.

Thanks to the compact design, even more complex tasks can be managed reliably and with low space requirements. Depending on the requirements, the Sample Processor can be operated as a "stand alone" instrument using Touch Control, or be controlled via PC with the tiamo™ titration software, the MagIC Net chromatography software and the viva voltammetry software. Method development in the titration is child's play with the example methods supplied.

Because of the multitude of application variants, racks, stirrers, cables, Swing Head, titration heads and sample vessels must be tailored to the application and thus ordered separately.

2.814.0020 814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)
Weight 17.993
2.814.0020 814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)
2 pcs6.1236.020Sleeve with SGJ 14/12 mm
5 pcs6.1446.000SGJ stopper / B-14/(15)
3 pcs6.1446.010Stopper
1 pcs6.1446.160Thermometer stopper, B-14/15, oblique insertion
1 pcs6.1543.170Aspiration tip / M8 thread
2 pcs6.1621.000Container 10 L
1 pcs6.1805.110FEP tubing / M6 / 80 cm
3 pcs6.1805.420FEP tubing / M6 / 48 cm
1 pcs6.1805.510PTFE tubing / M8 / 60 cm
2 pcs6.1812.000 PTFE tubing 4 mm / 6 mm / 4 m
1 pcs6.1820.070 Coupling 4 mm / 6 mm / M8 inner
2 pcs6.1828.000PVDF connection nipple
1 pcs6.2042.020Buret tip clip (magnetic stirrer)
1 pcs6.2053.000Cable clip
1 pcs6.2151.000Cable USB A – mini-DIN 8-pin
1 pcs6.2621.030Hexagon key 4 mm
1 pcs6.2621.070 5 mm hex key for IC Sample Processors
1 pcs6.2621.140Hexagon key 2.5 mm
3 pcs6.2709.070Guiding sleeve
3 pcs6.2740.020Spray nozzle
1 pcs6.2751.080Safety shield
2.741.0010 741 Magnetic Stirrer
2.802.0020 802 Stirrer
2.849.0010 849 Level Control
6.1458.010 Titration head, 6 x SGJ 14 and 3 x SGJ 9 openings
6.1458.020 Titration head /4 x M10 connectors
6.1458.030 KF titration head /4 x M10 connectors
6.1458.040 Titration Head, 3 x SGJ 14
6.1458.070 Titration head / 2 x SGJ 14
6.2041.310 Sample rack 12 x 250 mL
6.2041.320 Sample rack 16 x 150 mL
6.2041.340 Sample rack 24 x 75 mL
6.2041.360 Sample rack for 12 x 150 mL
6.2041.370 Sample rack 14 x 200 mL
6.2041.380 Sample rack 14 x 235 mL
6.2041.390 Sample rack 16 x 120 mL
6.2041.460 Sample rack 21 x 100 mL (COD)
6.2041.470 Sample rack 22 x 120 mL
6.2058.110 Tower extension for Sample Processors
6.2148.010 Remote Box MSB
6.2711.060 Drip pan for 730/778/814/838
6.6056.231 tiamo™ 2.3 Light CD: 1 license
6.6056.232 tiamo™ 2.3 Full CD: 1 license
6.6056.233 tiamo™ 2.3 Multi CD: 3 licenses
2.814.0020 814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)

Determination of chloride in the filter dust of a waste incineration plant


Application report: Fully automated determination of the iodine adsorption number of industrial soot



Customer application: Process biology monitoring in fermenters (biogas analysis)

2.814.0020 814 USB Sample Processor (1T/2P)

Declaration of conformity 814 USB Sample Processor


Brochure: 814 USB Sample Processor


Manual 814 USB Sample Processor


Release Notes for various instruments, USB 3.0 compatibility