618 Connectors

Each instrument is supplied with carefully selected accessories; indeed most instruments cannot be used to full effect without accessories. We put great emphasis on offering you problem solutions from a single source. In addition to a comprehensive instrument program, this requires an equally extensive range of accessories. 

In case you don’t know the ordering number of the accessory you are looking for, just type in the name of the instrument you need this accessory for. Click on «part list» and find the accessories for your instrument listed there.


6.1837.010Tubing connection to MPAK Version 2: 1.5 m
Aspiration tubing for MPak eluents and solutions
6.1830.030Heatable outlet tubing
Heatable outlet tubing for 860 KF Thermoprep.
6.1828.000PVDF connection nipple

For 6.1621.000 canister.

6.1823.010Guide shaft to pipetting tubing
For assembly in the transfer robotic arm on the Robotic Sample Processors
6.1820.070 Coupling 4 mm / 6 mm / M8 inner

For extending aspiration tubing in automated systems. Connects the M8 aspiration tubing directly to the 6.1812.000 PTFE tubing.

6.1820.060G1/8 IN//M8 screw connector
6.1820.050M6 / Olive adapter

For 6.1826.100 pump tubing, to peristaltic pumps.

6.1820.030M8/M6 adapter

Connector with M6 thread for 6.1812.XXX tubing and M8 thread for 6.1805.2XX and 6.1805.510 tubing.

6.1820.020 M10/M6 adapter
Connector with M10 thread for 6.1812.XXX tubing and M6 thread for 6.1805.XXX tubing.
6.1820.010 Adapter for 1/8" gas line/M6 thread

For connecting a 1/8" gas line to an M6 thread.

6.1820.000 Adapter for PTFE tubing/1/4" thread

For connecting the 6.1812.XXX PTFE tubing to a G 1/4" thread.

6.1815.010Spiral band 0.5 m
For holding together different cables or tubing.
6.1811.020Nipple for capillary tubing M6
For 6.1803.020 Tubing (1.57 mm o.d.). For 708 Sampling Unit
6.1811.010 Adapter for PTFE tubing/glass connecting piece

For 7 mm glass connecting pieces. Comprised of union nut, O-ring and M8 screw nipple.

6.1811.000 Adapter for PTFE tubing/glass connecting piece

For 7 mm glass connecting pieces. Comprised of union nut, O-ring and M6 screw nipple.

6.1808.280 Adapter Dosino port 4, M6 inner

Adapter for use with Dosino port 4 in IC. For connecting to M6 connector.

6.1808.270Coupling to MPAK Version 2: 3 pieces
Connectors for MPak's to Eluent Synthesizer
6.1808.260Distributor for pump tubings for Sample Processors
The distributor has one inlet and four M6 openings for the connection of pump tubings.
6.1808.250Pipette adapter 1-10 mL for transfer head
Adapter with outside thread M6 and Eppendorf conus to use with transfer head 6.1462.240 for usage of 10 mL Eppendorf tips
6.1808.240Distributor Rinsing / Aspiration for 869 Compact Sample Changer
Distributor with 3 x M6, 1 x M8 and 2 x 1/8 connections for the use of rinsing and / or aspiration equipment on the 869 Compact Sample Changer.
6.1808.230Adapter M6 / M8 inner
Adapter with M6 and M8 inner threads
6.1808.220Luer adapter for transfer head
Adapter with outside thread M6 and luer connection for 6.1462.240 Transfer head for using luer tools on multi-row racks
6.1808.190Adapter tubing nozzle/Luer
For connecting the CO2 Adsorber Cartridge and H2O Adsorber Cartridge
6.1808.180Adapter M6 inside/Luer Lock for transfer set
Adapter M6 inside/Luer Lock for needle connection for solution transfer
6.1808.170 Distributor for Sample Processors for rinsing and aspirating

Distributor for installation on Sample Processors for rinsing and aspirating when using externally connected pumps.

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