tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)

Each instrument is supplied with carefully selected accessories; indeed most instruments cannot be used to full effect without accessories. We put great emphasis on offering you problem solutions from a single source. In addition to a comprehensive instrument program, this requires an equally extensive range of accessories. 

In case you don’t know the ordering number of the accessory you are looking for, just type in the name of the instrument you need this accessory for. Click on «part list» and find the accessories for your instrument listed there.


6.6063.112  tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)

Computer program for managing titration data.

The following instruments are supported:

  • 899 Coulometer,
  • 848 Titrino plus,
  • 862 Compact Titrosampler,
  • 870 Titrino plus,
  • 877 Titrino plus,
  • 840 Touch Control (Titrando),
  • 900 Touch Control (Titrando),
  • 915 KF Ti-Touch,
  • 916 Ti-Touch

6.6063.112  tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)

Data import
Nothing could be easier! You generate the titration data as usual on your titrator and save these in PC-LIMS format on your storage medium. The following options can be selected:

  • USB Memory Stick for instruments of the Titrino plus family or 900 Touch Control
  • Compact Flash board for the 840 Touch Control
  • Directory on a PC / network drive for 847 LabLink, PC Control software or 900 Touch Control

No matter in which form, the determination files are imported into tiBase automatically by means of pre-defined import templates as soon as the respective storage medium is connected with the PC or new data is written to the respective PC or network drive.

Database with comprehensive protective function
The added value of tiBase reveals itself to you in the database. Not only your determinations, but also all settings are stored in the tiBase database, along with all method and user information, and are thus protected against manipulation and loss.

It could not be more convenient
Manage your data in the determination overview. Here you receive the most important information on each sample in a tabular, freely configurable format. Powerful search and filtration tools provide support for this purpose. Even searches for determinations based on the serial number of individual instruments or dosing units is not a problem with tiBase. Out of thousands of titrations, you will locate your determination directly – and in seconds at that. If you wish to forward a result to your colleagues without delay, you can dispatch the determination directly from the database by e-mail – without tedious intermediate saving and copying.

Apply titration curves directly in Word documents
tiBase displays the titration curve for each determination. You can define the layout of the curves to suit your preferences. A Copy-Paste command is sufficient to embed the titration curve in a Word document.

Complete traceability
Who carried out a determination when? Which titrator was used at the time? What changes were made to the determination and by whom? All of this is saved permanently for each individual determination.

Recognize immediately what is necessary

A rapid overview is provided by the Result window. No long searching for the result – here you will find all important raw data, results and calculation details in compact form.

Determination reprocessing

Incorrect initial weight? No problem. The initial weight is quickly corrected with the reprocessing function or a calculation formula is adjusted in no time at all. Endpoint not recognized correctly? Here, too, tiBase helps. You can have the curve reevaluated. And you also need no longer concern yourself with the documentation of your determinations. tiBase keeps track of all modifications by means of a history function. The original version can also be restored at any time – even the ones for imported determinations.

Signature – Protection against data manipulation

You can provide determinations with digital signatures. tiBase offers two levels of signatures. As soon as the determination is equipped with signature level 2, the data is securely protected against further alterations.

Report Generator – Tailored analysis reports
The unique Report Generator offers you complete freedom in the structuring of your analysis reports. Modify one of the many report templates to suit your needs. You will find that there is no limit to what you can do; you can embed any information you like into the tiBase report. To generate an analysis report, it is sufficient to highlight the respective determination in the database and to select a report template. The report can then be conveniently dispatched by e-mail.

Data export – Data processing a la carte
If you would like to edit your data further in Excel or link tiBase to your LIMS, then a wide variety of export formats can be selected from, among them the modern XML format. Your data, including the list of measuring points, is available to all imaginable Office applications, databases and programs for long-term archiving. There is nothing more flexible than that!

Rapid recognition of control chart outliers
tiBase generates a control chart of your determinations for you at the press of a button. Print it out, generate a PDF document or insert the control chart with Copy-Paste directly into another application, e.g. an Office application.

Central control
Thanks to modern user administration, the administrator determines which data and functions are to be available to which users. This permits the simplest of program interfaces with the necessary access limitations, depending on the task and function of the respective employee.

6.6063.112  tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)
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6.6063.112  tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)
6.6063.112  tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)
6.6063.112  tiBase 1.1 full (1 license)

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