Post column reactor

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6.2836.000 Post column reactor
For mixing in coloring reagents in IC with UV/VIS detection.
6.2836.000 Post column reactor
A small but very efficient accessory: With the Post-Column Reactor (PCR), post-column derivatization can be carried out reliably and reproducibly. The colored reagent is added by the 833 IC Liquid Handling Pump Unit. The built-in pulsation absorber ensures a stable reagent flow. Some standard methods require color reactions. With the PCR it is possible, for example, to determine chromate and bromate down to very low concentrations. Very interesting application are also to be found in the field of cation analysis using UV/VIS in addition to conductivity detection.Technical information
  • Flow rate (peristaltic pump): 0.2...0.7 mL/min (0.5 mL/min recommended)
  • Maximum back pressure: 5 bar
6.2836.000 Post column reactor
Height (mm) 55
Depth (mm) 150
Width (mm) 85
Weight 0.58
6.2836.000 Post column reactor
1 pcs6.2758.010Mixing reactor 2 m
6.2836.000 Post column reactor

Simultaneous determination of fluoride species plus acid anions in etching baths by ion chromatography with dual detection (english)

6.2836.000 Post column reactor
8.108.1141 Leaflet for 6.2836.000 Post-column reactor, german
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