Inline filter 2 µm

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6.2821.120 Inline filter 2 µm
Inline filter 2 µm
6.2821.120 Inline filter 2 µm
Inline filters should always be used to reliably protect the separating column and suppressor against any contamination from the eluent, regeneration solution or rinsing solution. The fine 2 µm material of the filter frit removes both particles and bacteria / algae from the solutions. Contaminants can be easily recognized on the filter frit (6.2821.130), which can be exchanged quickly and easily. The 10-year warranty on the MSM Metrohm Suppressor Module only applies under the precondition that the inline filter is used
6.2821.120 Inline filter 2 µm
Material 2 PE
Material remark 2 Filter
Material PEEK
Material remark Holder
Weight 0.0060
6.2821.120 Inline filter 2 µm
2 pcs6.2744.060Threaded stopper
6.2744.030 Nozzle/UNF 10/32 coupling
6.2744.110 Pump tubing - inline filter PEEK adapter
6.2821.130 Spare filter for inline filter
6.2821.120 Inline filter 2 µm
6.2821.120 Inline filter 2 µm